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Your Complete Guide For Web Hosting

Before proceeding with your plan for getting a website, the first thing you need to do is to carefully consider which web hosting service to choose to host your website.

You cannot choose arbitrarily because the effectiveness of your website depends on the quality of your hosting. The website is hosted on the server. You can also get cheap dedicated server hosting or cheap server for $39.

Here are some important criteria to consider before choosing a hosting service:


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Storage space: Each hosting service offers a certain amount of storage space. It is advisable to evaluate your needs in advance.

If you don't need a lot of storage space now, but your website might become a bigger ecommerce site in the future, it is advisable to order additional storage space or inform the vendor in advance.

You can calculate the required storage space based on the number of enabled emails, web files and databases.

1. FTP access: Your service provider must offer a file transfer protocol – FTP server. This is very important for uploading web pages from your computer to a web server.

2. Email Account: This is the most common but important function of web hosting. Depending on your choice of requirements, you can receive an unlimited number of emails.

Email account type:

• Pop3

• Forward

• Aliases.