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Why Do You Need To Extract Your Tooth?

Tooth extraction must be performed and is deemed necessary in some cases. It is very important to know these facts so that you can immediately visit your favorite dentist for the right advice and remove the infected tooth immediately to avoid further damage to your tooth.

One of the many instances, when you need to have your tooth extracted as soon as possible, is when it has become infected with signs of decay. Infection must be controlled early to prevent the disease from spreading to other adjacent teeth. In this case, tooth extraction is necessary.

Wisdom tooth extraction is another common dental procedure. This usually occurs when there is a replica of the tooth due to the eruption of wisdom teeth i.e. your third molars. In this case, the patient can decide which tooth to extract, wisdom, or a displaced tooth. You can also check the reliable sources for wisdom teeth extraction by a professional dentist. 

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An example where tooth extraction is needed is when braces or other dental appliances need to be adjusted to align the teeth. In some cases, the tooth may need to be extracted during the installation process to keep the dental equipment in good condition; depending on the current structure of the facial teeth. Therefore, it all depends on the situation, as there are situations where braces can be properly placed without having to remove a single tooth.

So if you have or are experiencing any of the above situations, be prepared for a tooth extraction recommendation by your dentist. While there are some other rare instances where extraction may be required, the problems above are the most common.