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What To Consider Before Purchasing Metal Panels in Chatham

Metal, known for its longevity, strength, and weather resistance, is widely selected as a predominant material in the construction industry to serve a wide range of functions.  Because metal systems are so versatile and the options are limitless, designing with metal can become overwhelming.

Are you worried about testing, maximizing the full benefits or selecting the right metal wall panels and finish?

metal wall panels
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Don’t worry, you are not alone. The answers can be found by examining a few factors:

1.Engineering Design

Location /climates will determine design factors needed to comply with state codes. Make sure you always check with the manufacturers to determine if certain panels have been tested to meet required standards. If testing has not been done on a product, that in itself will disqualify the selected panel option. Engineering design should always be done by a professional to ensure design specifications meet code and testing requirements.

2. Hiring Right Contractors

Save yourself the hassle and heartache of trying to hire the lowest bidder. Installing a metal roof or walls require a specific set of skills and tools, so getting the right person for your install is important. If you think it’s too expensive to hire a professional, imagine how much it would cost to have it installed twice.


  • Do your research – search the internet, read reviews, and ask friends and neighbours
  • Narrow your options – metal experience is a must, check for proof of insurance and licensing
  • Get a quote – compare at least three quotes, compare what is included in each contract

3. Choosing Right Materials

Material choices will be heavily influenced by project-specific factors. Construction budgets, additional bordering materials, climate conditions, and desired aesthetics all play a role when deciding which metals are best suited to your projects.

If you are looking to use natural products in exterior areas, opt for corrosion-resistant materials such as zinc, stainless steel, or copper. If you are looking to keep the cost down, opt for painted steel or aluminium.

For applications in hostile environments, like Coastal, Industrial and bio-hazardous industries – your metal panels will require special coatings.

All in all, metal wall panels continue to gain widespread prominence among architects and developers for their unique application in both commercial and residential areas. They can withstand the impact of the elements and time, and provide unique functionality to architectural structures.