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What is Vision Therapy and how can it help?

Vision Therapy is a type of occupational therapy in which an individual practices activities that help improve eyesight. There are many ways to achieve this goal including eye exercises, vision training, and specialized activities like playing board games with small cards called "see-thru" cards.  

There are many benefits to vision therapy. Some of these benefits include increased reading speed, better attention span, improved grades, and more. Vision therapy is a type of therapy that helps people with conditions like lazy eye, amblyopia, or nearsightedness. You can consult a vision therapy doctor in Toronto via

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It also helps people with developmental delays or autism through the use of special equipment called a vision helmet. This helmet sends different light patterns into the eyes in order to stimulate the brain's processing centers for visual information. These light patterns are analyzed by the individual on a computer screen during the session. 

Vision therapy is a treatment for many different eye disorders. It can help improve the way that your brain receives and interprets visual information, which can lead to improved sight and a reduction in blurry vision. Vision therapy usually consists of exercises that target specific areas of the eyes and brain. Usually, these exercises are done once or twice a week for 20-30 weeks.  

Patients who have severe nearsightedness might need to be treated for up to four years before their vision changes significantly. Vision therapy is a type of treatment used to improve your eyesight. It can be done in the form of eye exercises and prescription lenses.