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What Is The Meaning Of Paint Correction?

Look at your colors on a bright, sunny day. If you see cobweb-like stains in your paint, you're seeing common paint defects called "cobwebs" or "vortex trails."

Paint righting in Edmonton is defined as the correction or elimination of paint defects through several stages of mixing and machine polishing with the ultimate goal of increasing gloss and leveling the surface. Paint defects such as swirls and scratches can be caused in a variety of ways.

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At the microscopic level, these defects create tiny "hills and valleys" in your transparent fur. When light rays reach these rough surfaces, surface imperfections distort or refract them, making your coating look dull and lifeless. When these defects are properly removed, the surface allows light rays to reflect rather than refract them, creating an extraordinary glow.

Type of paint defect

Whirlpool or cobweb trail

The most common paint defect, vortices can be caused in several ways. Car washing with a brush or "Swirl-o-Matic" is a common cause of this ugly defect. Many swirl marks are mostly current and can be removed with light mixing and/or polishing.


When substances such as water stains, bird droppings, and tree sap are on an unprotected surface. Depending on the severity of these defects, they can be treated with anything from complex processes such as one-step painting to aggressive processes of wet sanding, blending, and polishing.

Stamps or rotating holograms

Rotating marks or holograms are a common error caused by improper polishing techniques. If the wrong methods are used, more harm will be done than good.