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What Is Leadership Development?

Leadership development is anything we do in a planned and iterative practice to build or develop leadership skills and traits. The main objective is to improve leadership quality and leadership effectiveness. This includes formal training at Master's or Bachelor's level, specialized programs developed by organizations, courses used in corporate settings, or military and law enforcement training.

These LDP connect meetings & webinars programs are designed to focus on the qualities of a person or team that have been shown to reflect strong leadership. Courses like this will build and enhance those skills to create more effective and efficient leaders.

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Many individual qualities lend themselves to good leadership. Some people are born with strong skills and traits that make them natural leaders, but time and testing has shown that most leadership skills can be learned and developed by anyone who is willing to put the time and effort into learning and practicing.

As always, the first step in developing a learned skill is education. Once we know and fully understand what a competent leader does, the process becomes much easier. There are various training courses available to help us do this. However, the most important part of developing strong leadership depends on our actions and efforts to apply that knowledge. Knowledge and action are two very different things. Developing true leadership requires long-term action until the technique becomes a habit.

How successful someone is in a leadership position depends on that person's learning abilities, the teacher or source of information, and the environment in which students learn and practice the technique. The speed at which a person can be trained effectively as a leader also depends on the ability and quality of behavior of many people. 

The most effective leadership programs are those that focus on sustained effort over a long period of time and a variety of development training.