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What Does A Technical Translator Do?

Technical translation is the process of translating written or verbal content into a different language that is technically related. This can include translations for software manuals, website content, and product documentation. 

The goal of a technical translation agency is to ensure that the translated content is accessible and understandable by both the original author and the target audience. Technical translations should also be accurate and free of errors.

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A technical translator is a professional who specializes in translating technical documents from one language to another. They are typically linguists with a background in engineering, and often have experience working with software and technology. 

What does a technical translator do? Technical translators typically work with companies that develop or use software, and their main responsibility is to translate written materials (such as manuals, reports, and website content) into the appropriate language for their audience. In some cases, they may also be responsible for revising these materials to ensure that they are still accurate and user-friendly. 

You can navigate here to know how technical translators may be involved in the translation of software applications or websites. In order to effectively carry out their duties, technical translators must have a good command of both the original language and the target language. They must also have knowledge of specific terms and concepts related to technology.

Technical translation can be divided into three main categories: functional, structural, and stylistic. 

  • Functional translation is the most basic type of translation and it is usually responsible for translating words and phrases that are used in everyday life. 

  • Structural translation is responsible for translating the layout, structure, and hierarchy of a document or website.

    Stylistic translation is responsible for translating the tone, style, and linguistic features of a document.

Technical translations can be used for a variety of purposes, including: 

  • To ensure that products are marketed in foreign markets.

  • To improve understanding of complex technical documents.

  • To ensure accuracy when translating technical information.