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Vitiligo Treatment Can Effectively Curb And Reduce The Growth Of White Patches

People often have white patches on their skin which contrast with their natural skin tone. This condition is known as vitiligo in medical terms. 

Vitiligo refers to the condition that causes pigment loss. Leucoderma, a common pigmentary condition, is another name for Vitiligo. This causes our skin to lose its natural color and white patches begin growing. There are many options for vitiligo treatment available in Melbourne. You can also get more information about vitiligo specialists in Melbourne via

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Treatment for white patches

Regularly using effective sunscreen with adequate SPF to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The surgical treatment comprises the utilization of normal skin in the form of donor tissue. After this, grafts are surgically transplanted to the area where white patches have grown. 

Melanocytes cell transplant is a surgical procedure in which the skin graft is retrieved from the patient's own thigh. Then, the skin is cured with an enzyme called trypsin that eventually isolates all the layers of the skin. 

By utilizing these effective methods of vitiligo treatment in Melbourne, the growth of white patches can be significantly curbed and the presence of white patches is also reduced. Thus, consult an experienced dermatologist to cure the vitiligo problem.