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Trendy Cocktail Wedding Receptions

There's a trend that is edging to move away from traditional receptions for weddings and instead opting for receptions for cocktail parties. The cocktail reception is less expensive than a complete dinner, and it's fashionable and stylish. Learn the basics of hosting a stunning cocktail reception ceremony for your wedding.

What are the characteristics that make a reception one that's a style for a cocktail? In essence, it's modeled on a stylish cocktail party that they had during the 50s and 60s (no doubt that the popularity of the series "Mad Men" has been a factor in the recent interest in this type of entertainment). If you are looking for a professional cocktail photographer then you can visit

Cocktail receptions are highly popular among wedding couples older than 30 years old. There are many reasons why this is the case. Older couples with jobs are more likely to have to pay to host their wedding, compared with a bride or groom who is fresh out of college. 

Another reason why established couples prefer cocktails is that it is more probable that they will have the wedding they envision rather than the one their parents think of. In reality, you, and your family members are more likely to go to a party with a cocktail rather instead of a long traditional reception, with the typical "chicken or beef" dinner. 

What dress should the bride wear to a cocktail reception? A stylish dress obviously! This is the perfect time to pick the knee and tea-length wedding gown, instead of the full-length gown, with the option of a train. A simple white lace dress that is paired with pearl chandeliers is gorgeous.