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Things That You Don’t Know About Canada Immigration

When we talk about Canadian immigration, we need to realize that this country offers the most complete and easiest immigration system. If you are planning to migrate to Canada as a permanent resident, there are a few facts to consider!

Most Canadian PNPs Are Connected To An Instant Access System:

At launch in 2015, Express Entry was not affiliated with most Canadian provinces. However as time went on, provinces began to recognize this new route for express entry visa Canada as one of the fastest ways to find talent. Therefore, most employers in different provinces are bound by express entry permits. There are currently about 15-17 streams of various provincial candidate programs connected to the Federal Express Entry System.

How to Immigrate to Canada in 2020 -

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Biometrics Are Now Required For Express Entry:

Now when you apply for a Canadian PR Visa, you will need to provide your biometric information as well as proof of identity. This initiative was taken by the Government of Canada to simplify the application processing system and make it easier for low-risk travelers to enter Canada. Visa officers use each applicant’s biometrics to verify and analyze their identity, previous criminal convictions, and more.

Language Test Results:

All publications, documents, and official services are available in both languages, namely English and French. Therefore, it is very important to meet the minimum requirements for English or French. This way, you must be fluent in French or English in order to easily communicate with the people around you and adapt to the Canadian lifestyle.

Your language test results are just as valid and binding with other documents, including passports, birth certificates, transcripts, marriage certificates, reference letters, and many more.

The Document Must Be Written In One Of Canada’s Official Languages:

You need to make sure that all your documents have been translated correctly into English or French as these are the two languages officially acceptable from Canada. Also, make sure your application is complete and includes all the necessary information.