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The Use of Dental Braces as Orthodontic Treatment

One of the common procedures in orthodontic treatment is the use of braces. The process involves using braces in the correct tooth position to reduce pressure on the jaw. These braces can be made of metal or plastic, depending on the patient's preference.

Orthodontists use this treatment to move the teeth or correct the position of the bones underneath. You can get information about the best orthodontic therapy via

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Some people may inherit dental disorders or problems such as misalignments, clashed teeth, and crooked teeth from their parents. This can be seen in children between the ages of six and twelve.

There are several causes of incomplete bites, such as: Misaligned jaw, excessive teeth, overcrowded teeth, and during and after the baby has habits such as thumb sucking. Dentists recommend seeking correction between the ages of 8 and 14 for best results.

Types of braces

Mount types for individuals include clear, titanium, tongue, and gold-plated stainless steel. There are many braces for children, teenagers and adults, depending on their individual needs. Some people may be allergic to nickel, so a dentist or orthodontist may recommend braces made of titanium or gold-plated stainless steel for teeth.

Most patients are advised to wear braces for 2 to 3 years for positive results. Teens are often shy about using metal clips, preferring the invisible clips made of clear cutters and plastic. They are worn 22 to 23 hours a day and are replaced with new sets every two weeks. Patients are advised to wear braces after removing the braces.