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All You Need to Know About Cold Mix Asphalt

If you want to repair cracks in your asphalt, then cold mix asphalt can be your best option. Find out how you can cold mix repairs in this article!

What are the Advantages of Cold Mix Asphalt?

Cold mix asphalt is a mixture of hot asphalt and cold water. This type of asphalt is also known as slurry asphalt. You can also buy Cold Mix Asphalt from EZ Street Asphalt.

The main advantage of using cold mix asphalt is that it has a higher quality than traditional hot mix asphalt. Another advantage is that it is easier to apply because there is less hot asphalt involved. Finally, cold mix asphalt is cheaper than hot mix asphalt.

Why Should You Choose Cold Mix Asphalt?

When it comes to repairing cracked asphalt, cold mix asphalt is the best solution. Cold mix asphalt is made up of a 50/50 mixture of hot and cold asphalt, which helps to seal the cracks and keep the pavement intact.

How To Use Cold Mix Asphalt

If you have cracked asphalt, there are a few things you can do to repair it. The first step is to determine the cause of the crack. If it is due to weathering and the crack has already spread, then you will need to replace the asphalt. If the crack is due to a construction defect, then you may be able to fix it with cold mix asphalt.