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About Charity And Sacrifice

Hands that give are holier Than the lips that pray.

By undertaking the pilgrimage to holy places and participating in 'Satsangas' (congregations) one leads towards charity, individually, combined, or in some other way that is very much desired for the needy and down-trodden for their upliftment. You can find the best charities supporting education services online via

charities supporting education

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One should not accept charity from atheists and those having a sense of gratification for maintaining sanctity. Some of these charities are compassion, land donation, material charity, the charity of cow, charity of maiden, donation of limbs after death, education, a charity for peace, and charity for food which is the most pious service to the poor and needy.

Charity given to a needy person for education is a permanent one as it removes one's ignorance. Knowledge and wealth are God's gifts that must be shared with others to enjoy and fructify.

Charity of education is given in secrecy as education and intellect cannot be stolen, being hidden treasures, and is helpful even when one does not possess money. An educated and learned person does not possess destitute qualities and he is not an encumber on earth.

Some prefer secret charity without revealing their names, as they believe that their left hand should not know what the right one gives.

In short, charity is nothing but service to the needy. It is a marvelous actor and the donor is placed in heaven on this earth itself.