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Need to Know About the Swaddle

Swaddle transition products

If, like many parents, you hope to provide security that will put your baby to sleep while protecting his or her safety at night, then looking for a change of clothes may be the way to go.

Look for something made with the same supportive materials and comfortable warmth that she expects. Choose products designed to help you fall asleep, the safest way to sleep for your baby.

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Making changes

Even with baby clothes, your family may need to take a few steps to make it easier to move around. One of the first things you can do is use a transition product at bedtime when your baby really needs sleep.

If your little one can't sleep, consider putting him to bed about 10 or 15 minutes later than usual. Don't push any more than that, but if your baby is tired, more problems may occur.

Even with this transition, you can expect a few nights of resistance, but consistently stick to what's best for your family.

If the baby has turned

If you start changing diapers before your baby is born, you can gradually distribute the transition between sleep phases. If your little one has turned over, you should stop the diaper during all rest periods.