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Shrink Wrap – To Pack Anything and Everything

"Shrink wrap" is a common term that you would definitely come across when it comes to packaging. It is an effective method to store and transport the items easily at an affordable cost. The shrink wrap film is usually made of PVC or polyolefin.

The general wrapping method is the same, irrespective of the size of the item that needs to be wrapped. You can simply measure the shrink wrap film, spread it over the item that is to be packed and apply the heat to the film surface. This causes the film to shrink and stick to the item that ensures a secure packaging.

DIY procedure

You can follow the same procedure for a DIY procedure of shrink wrap packaging with the help of any hair dryer and the film bought from a nearby shop. This is good for casual two or three wrappings but to wrap more items, it is advisable to invest in some good shrink wrap machines.

Traditionally, shrink wrap equipments were used to pack DVDs, CDs, tapes, software boxes and many other things. Besides this, now one can also pack gift baskets, food items, invoices, soaps and documents in the shrink wrap film.

Shrink wrap machines

Earlier, shrink wrapping machineries were usually found in industrial warehouse or factories. They were cumbersome machines are required a lot of people who can operate it. But this is not the case anymore! Small shrink wrap machines are now available for use by individuals and small businesses. These are quite inexpensive and shrink film is also easily accessible at cheaper prices nowadays.

Two kinds of shrink wrap sealers

At present, there are two kinds of machines that are available for shrink wrap: L-bar and I-bar shrink wrap machines. It isn't very difficult to set up these machines.

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