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Residential Real Estate Lawyer

Some states require attorneys to be involved in real estate transactions, particularly in closings or settlements. Notice how I said, "Some states require", not only that you need a real estate attorney. Most states are known as "non-lawyers". Foreclosure is not considered a legal practice in these countries, so you don't need a real estate attorney.  You can also find the best estate lawyers in Melbourne via

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Others reside in "attorney" states or in states where real estate attorneys are required to be present for either the entire closure or parts of the closure. Since choosing the right real estate attorney can save you a lot of aggravation, you want someone who:

Licensed and in good condition. Many states have website where you can see that the real estate attorney you are considering is licensed and in good working condition.

Experienced. Word of mouth is perhaps the best recommendation. If a friend or relative is well served and satisfied with a real estate attorney, chances are that so will you.

In the area where you live. It is important that the real estate attorney you employ to understand local regulations as this can have a huge impact on the smooth running of your transaction.

That you can do. There's no point in hiring someone you don't like or don't trust. What's the point if you can't rely on the information they give you, or just as badly can't stand talking to that person? Real estate is not brain surgery; There are lots of good real estate attorneys out there who also have good personalities.