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Recruitment Challenges – The Recruiters Face

The usual process that is followed is to post the requirement on different job portals and either search for the probable candidates or wait for someone to apply. But this universal process also has some flaws. Here is a look at some of them:

Junk Database Of Job Seekers – Junk database comprises of the resumes that are not updated and if your search results in such resumes, it could be a sheer waste of time. You can also use developer assessment tool online for the selection of right candidate for your organisation.

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Inactive Jobseeker Database – This again is a waste of efforts for the recruiters. There are many inactive job seekers in the database. Inactive jobseekers are those who are no more interested in seeking the job. If you find such resumes impressive all your efforts will go in vain and you will have to search the database again.

Traffic Snarls– After taking a lot of efforts and going through a pile of resumes you shortlist the candidates and are all geared up for the face-to-face interview, but the candidate could not reach in time due to the traffic, a common issue.

So you either have to wait for them for a couple of hours or have to reschedule the interview, which can be frustrating.

No Show By The Candidates – This is a truly unprofessional behavior by the candidates, but sometimes certain situations are inevitable. Some candidates make a call for telling their inability to attend while some do not even bother to inform. Such incidences force you to carry out the grueling process once again.

Attractive Paper Resumes – The paper resumes looks attractive, convincing and you are almost sure that you have found the best possible candidate but when you actually meet the candidate he/she may not be up to the mark and you are in for a huge disappointment.