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Physical Therapy In Owings Mills: Back Pain Treatment

Physical therapy is a common treatment for people with back pain and injuries, but it is important to realize that physical therapy consists of many different treatments.

The right treatment must be started at the right time for the patient to get the best results. You can also look for a physical therapist for pain management in Owings Mills MD online via

In the early stages of treating back pain and injuries, the main problems are usually inflammation, muscle spasms, and reduced mobility.

The first step in treatment should be reducing inflammation and cramping. Taking treatments designed to increase mobility and/or increase muscle strength and endurance too quickly can often dramatically increase inflammation and cramping, and significantly slow recovery.

Treatments such as electrical stimulation and colds are often the first steps in controlling inflammation and spasms. This therapy is often more effective than medication in relieving a patient's symptoms.

Cold compresses can be especially helpful if prescribed for home use in addition to office treatments, as frequent use of cold therapy is the most effective way to reduce inflammation.

In the early stages of treatment, when symptoms worsen, applying a cold compress for 10 to 15 minutes every two hours can cause inflammation more rapidly than most potent anti-inflammatory drugs.

Once the symptoms have subsided and the inflammation and cramping have subsided, treatments such as massage and ultrasound can help reduce soft tissue shrinkage and increase blood flow to the damaged tissue to aid healing.

At this stage, the severe pain disappears and the patient experiences pain and stiffness especially.

With proper care and guidance from a qualified physical therapist, most patients with back pain can improve their condition and prevent their return through appropriate continuous self-care measures prescribed by the therapist.