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Pet Custody Rights: Big Issues in Divorces

We used to think only about children when it came to custody rights in divorce proceedings. However, pet ownership has increased and pets are now cherished family members. Custody rights for pets have become a major issue. If you want to settle the custody dispute then get animal rights mediation services.

Who Gets the Dog in Divorce? - FindLaw

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As ugly as custody disputes over children, fights over pet ownership can become as tense as those over children. Pets are considered family members by most people and should be treated accordingly. Pet owners have been awarded visitation rights, custody and alimony payments by courts for many years. It is not uncommon for pet owners to receive trust or estate awards for the care of their pets.

Although courts still view animals as property, they are unable to give custody rights to either spouse. The court has no authority to decide the ownership of an animal. It is not required to consider the animal's best interests. 

Couples will decide how visitation, custody and care will be handled. An agreement can be reached if the couples are able to reach a mutually acceptable decision about what is best for their pet. If not, or if there is disagreement, it might be time to call in a third party.

You can Mediate your Way to Successful Pet Sharing. A neutral mediator assists couples in the separation process by guiding them through each step of the way. The mediator can help you decide the best way to care for your pets.