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Ozone Applications For Sanitation Process In Canada

Many studies and studies show that the use of ozone water treatment to improve water quality in RAS (Recycling Aquaculture Systems) creates an ideal aquarium environment. 

Separation of harmful organic compounds

One of the reasons for the decreased performance of RAS tanks is the high organic load, especially in high density aquariums. Low water exchange, which leads to an increase in organic waste. There is also a risk of accumulation of nitrates and heavy metals. You can choose the ozone water purification process for the sanitization.

Effective disinfectant

There are several problems with microbial development in stagnant water. Bacteria in the water grow and multiply if nothing is done. Ozone can quickly limit the growth of bacteria in these waters. 

Ozone treatment monitoring

Oxidation or redox reduction probes are the ideal method for measuring ozone demand. The redox meter is useful for determining the required amount of ozone in mV. The ozone system should be designed so that there is an optimal supply of ozone in the water system. 

Dosage requirements for each tank

Problems arise when determination requires calculations. There are many factors to consider when dosing to a tank. Factors include variations in the organic load of each tank. To get the right dose and not damage the tank system, an extended distributor module is available. 

Low life cycle cost Low

This technology improves fish farming and life cycle. The generator does not require any maintenance after a short time. And cheap ozone generators provide the right amount of ozone for each water system.