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Marvel Legends Action Figures Guide

Marvel happens to be pulling out X-Men action figures since the start of time. With so many to choose from how can you decipher the good from the bad?

We've found what we believe are a few of the greatest action characters and are pleased to have the ability to bring them. Here are just 3 of the top Wolverine action figures available on the market now. You can purchase a range of different characters at 

1) Marvel Legends Action Figures:

Wolverine Select:

This is Marvel's monstrous marauder. This is Wolverine in his finest as he's revealed here in his first X-Men costume. Six inches tall, so we all adored this for the total amount of detail that there was and the creativity of everything. To top it off, Marvel also has contained a deluxe Weapon X foundation! This must be THE best action figure out also it outside ns. 1 hit record this time around.

2) X-Men Origins:

Wolverine Yellow Costume Action Figure

Taken directly from the comic series, Wolverine gets the icons remedy with Marvel creating a completely articulated figure with some fantastic detail along with a decorative sculpt which can make this character come to life right before your eyes.

3) X-Men Origins; Wolverine –

Logan Figure :

This is none aside from the guy who graced our screens. High Jackman as Logan. This 3 and 3/4" figure attracts Logan back to life using a bang.