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Let Know About Dog Foundation

The first thing that I do when beginning behavior modification training with a dog starts with a foundation of Basic Obedience.

Basic obedience is the solid foundation for any kind of training because it teaches dogs the very fundamentals of a dog and human relationship. You can also know about the best pet foundation for animal care and education.

The most important rule in training, as well as a daily relationship with your dog, is to be sure that you and your dog understand each other.

You want to be sure that your dog knows that you are in control, that you are the alpha of the relationship, that you are trustworthy, fair, and dependable.

Because we cannot speak to our dogs and have them understand our every word, we have to put things in a language that they can understand, and be sure that they understand it before we expect results.

Basic obedience is the foundation for this communication. In basic obedience we teach the very fundamentals, walking at your side on a leash, sitting, staying there until told to get up, laying down on a dog bed when asked, etc.

These very simple and basic commands tell your dog that you are in control, that you are going to ask them to do some things and you expect your dog to follow your directions.

This foundation also teaches your dog how to follow your directions, how to understand the new language that you are creating. When doing behavior modification training, I always begin with a three to four-week basic obedience course.