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Is Your Business Protected With Business Liability Insurance?

Owning and running a business is about so many responsibilities and obligations. Even if you try to protect it with the utmost care and provide excellent quality and service, the customer or public user will realize that you made a mistake. Is your company insured against litigation? Is it insured?

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Who is to be covered for business?

According to several studies, more than 78% of all businesses in Australia are modelled as associations or individuals. For most business owners, this type of property puts your business and personal obligations at risk. Insurance coverage can protect your company and personal assets from financial ruin.

A common misinterpretation of a limited company or LLC or registered company is that the business owner is protected from personal liability and no longer needs insurance coverage. You can be personally misled if:

  • You have hurt someone personally

  • You have arranged a personal loan guarantee

  • You don't manage your company as a separate entity

  • You have acted illegally and recklessly

What is the importance of public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance protects your company if sued for personal injury or loss of property. This actually covers damage or loss from the lawsuit and along with legal fees. This type of insurance can be obtained in many ways depending on your business needs.