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How to Select Your VR Prescription Lenses

Wearing glasses can make it difficult for VR players to see clearly in virtual reality. To make things more clear, you can install a variety of VR prescription lenses on top of your display.

You will need to provide your prescription in order to buy the correct lenses for your VR headset. After your appointment, your Optometrist will usually give you a card with these details. You can also look for the best oculus quest 2 prescription lenses online.

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     Sphere (SPH)

The strength of your prescription is measured in spheres. It is measured in diopters and has a + sign for nearsightedness and a – sign for farsightedness.

     Axis (CYL) and Cylinder (CYL)

To correct eye astigmatism, both axis and cylinder are required. These numbers will be found in your prescription. The cylinder represents how strong your astigmatism is and the axis the angle required to see again clearly.

     Blue Light Filter

Electronics emit blue light which can cause eye strain and other problems. The VR prescription lenses have a blue filter that protects and keeps your eyes safe.

     Anti-Glare Coating

The anti-glare coating allows light to shine through your lenses directly without shadowing or glare. You will see clearer images and your lenses appear invisible. Most of the lenses offer this extra cost. 

Support for Headsets

It is crucial to search for the best VR prescription lenses by a company that offers a wide range of headsets. Every VR headset is different, so every lens must fit.