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How To Properly Store Vitamins

After we've spent our time and money researching, selecting, and buying the appropriate vitamins and supplements to take, we also must consider what we will need to do after to ensure we are receiving the best benefits from these products.  

One key area that most don't spend as much time contemplating is where and how to store our supplements and vitamins. Read this article to know more about the good place to store vitamins.  

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But this is essential as choosing the wrong places can lead to vitamins and nutritional supplements that deteriorate quickly and lose their potency (strength or efficacy ). We're essentially losing our investment in these products (i.e..throwing away cash ) if we don't store them properly.  

Appropriate storage ensures that the chemical makeup of these vitamins and nutritional supplements is preserved intact for as long as you can. So where do you store your vitamins?  Lots of men and women store vitamins in the toilet; either from the sink or in the medicine cabinet.  

This ensures that we'll remember to take them since we'll see them each time we brush our teeth. Though this is correct, the issue is that the toilet environment comprises a whole lot of warmth and moisture from the tub and shower in addition to the sink.  

Exposing vitamins and nutritional supplements to moisture may cause them to degrade (the compounds break down into nonaggressive chemicals ) and/or increase the odds of growing unwanted organisms (such as bacteria or mold).  

Even if the bottles are stored with an airtight lid, the moisture gets in each time you open the lid.  

Water-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin C and B are particularly susceptible to moisture-induced degradation because they will start to dissolve when they are exposed to moist air. Some supplement and vitamin containers have a silica gel pack.