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How to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The first priority must be the safety of employees of a company. The company has to go to any length to ensure that each employee is safe. The motto should be “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” California legislators and the Equal Opportunities Commission went a little further and put together mandate AB1825 to make sure that all was well.

Mandate stipulates that any company with 50 or more employees must send a manager or supervisor for sexual harassment and prevention training. This can be done online through or in the “live” classroom setting, and it should be done every two years.

But what about those companies that do not have 50 or more employees? Still workplace security rest with the employer and he should consider some of the following steps.

The first step

Ensure that the Department of Human Resources (HR) has the appropriate material to launch a good awareness program.

Step two

If there is no HR department, then someone should be put in charge of affairs and complaints of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Step three

Companies can also choose to seek independent human resources to handle the affairs of sexual harassment.

Step four

A company must ensure that all newly hired personnel undergo serious sexual harassment awareness survey, interviews, training or questions.

Step five

Because managers and supervisors should play a major rule in this case, they must be armed with ready-made material to distribute among the workforce. These items may be purchased at an employment agency services.