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How to Increase the Value of Your Real Estate Property Using EPS?

EPS is not only a great foam insulator; It is rapidly becoming a versatile building material that is an innovative and essential part of green building. As a design element in construction, EPS has become an integral part of value-added homes.

EPS shows great stability

It can be used in almost any part of the house; from the foundation as a crown divider in the dining room. The big advantage is the stable EPS. Does not decompose when exposed to dirt or water. 

Once the water source is removed, the EPS structure allows the panels to dry quickly. EPS recycling agencies provide surfaces that are also unsuitable for bacterial growth and vibration does not affect the integrity of the foam, making it a desirable building material. Homeowners are looking for a home that can withstand any storm.

Energy saving EPS

Saving money is the current credo. A home with low energy or electricity prices is desirable. EPS is commonly used in insulated panels as Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS). SIPS has two materials used as faces; Materials such as drywall, metal, plastic or fiberboard. Panels are used to provide structure and also to provide insulation. 

They are usually used between the structural members of the structure as a coating material. SIP panels used in homes create an environment for energy efficiency. In addition, it has a higher energy efficiency class than the commonly used fiberglass insulation. Houses using these panels will also use less wood, which also serves to increase the R-value of the house.