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How Texas Law Protects Homeowners When Insurance Claim is Denied?

When you purchase your home insurance, you and the insurance company enter into a legally binding contract together. What this means, is that the insurance company is required by law to provide you with the provisions that were set forth in your insurance company in the event of a claim.

Sometimes, insurance companies make the poor decision of breaching the contract they have with you, by not paying you what you rightfully deserve for your claim of damage, not paying you at all, or other malicious conduct. Then you have the right to sue them for the denied insurance claim.

denied insurance claim

In addition, there are different provisions that have been placed in the law in the Texas legislature that protects you from poor claims handling, misrepresentations, and other bad faith insurance practices.

Other issues that have been addressed by the Texas Legislature provide you with additional remedies, which can include an 18% penalty of interest for any late payment of your claim.

In addition, these provisions can also provide you with an award to pay your attorney’s fees, additional damages and much more.

The only way to know for sure if you qualify for these additional provisions and compensations is to contact an experienced and knowledgeable Texas property damage attorney to assist you. Because property damage claims are extremely complex, it is imperative that you retain an Insurance Claim Attorney as soon as you possibly can.

Often, these bad-faith insurance claims occur following tornadoes, hurricanes and other severe weather. This catastrophic damage compels insurance companies to underpay valid insurance claims or deny them altogether.

Despite the fact the damage from tornadoes and other severe weather is often in a small area, property damage can still occur outside what is considered the accepted zone of damage.

For this reason, the best Texas Property Damage Attorneys will work side-by-side with meteorologists, wind experts, roof experts and engineers to investigate your claim and answer questions concerning your claim.

Chances are very good that your insurance company may attempt to save themselves a lot of money by downplaying the damages you have incurred and making you a very small offer to appease you.