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Get Most Exciting Experience With Cenote diving

In the depths, underneath the peninsula of Yucatan in Mexico, a completely different world is opening up to scuba divers. A huge cave system stretches through large parts of the area with thousands of sinkholes allowing humans to enter a magical place. 

These cenotes offer a completely diverse scuba diving experience with overhangs, limestone caverns, and light rays piercing through crystal clear waters and personally we think they are one of the most magical things in the world. You can also get the best cenote diving experience online via

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So what actually are cenotes? To put it simply they are sinkholes filled with waters. Yucatan used to be under the surface of the ocean and the limestone we see today built up from fossilized coral and the ocean floor. 

When the peninsula started to rise above sea level underwater rivers started to build a cave system. The caves flooded which allowed divers today to swim around these ancient formations. In some caves and caverns even ancient Mayan pottery and bones can be found.

The cenotes are basically caves that have collapsed. The ones that are only half-flooded are also accessible for snorkelers and to do other fun activities like zip-lining, kayaking, and swimming. 

The top layer of water in the cenotes in Yucatan is freshwater. When you scuba diver further down than 10m to 20m you will reach a so-called halocline between the freshwater to the denser saltwater. 

The haloclines look like a mirror inside the water and leave your vision blurry while going through it. Your guide will make sure that every diver gets a chance to play around with the haloclines before it all gets stirred up by bubbles and fins.