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General Information About Retractable Pool Roof

Dirt, debris, and excessive chemical build-up in the pool can shorten the life of these serviceable parts, while regular cleaning and inspections can extend the life of these parts. The actual time these parts need to be replaced will depend on the size of your coating, frequency of use, and the environment. Contact your coating company for inspection and service.

The more expensive replacement parts for retractable pool covers are the drive motor and canopy. These parts have a long service life and regularly exceed their warranty period.

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The drive motor in the enclosure is currently waterproof for durability in humid environments, so water damage is extremely rare. If water damage occurs, it is usually within the warranty period. Worn parts, as described above, can overload the drive motor and cause overheating, which shortens the life of the motor and is not covered under warranty.

The roofing fabric of the pool cover system costs about half of the total system. Fabrics have been known to last up to ten or twelve years, which is double the warranty coverage of most coating systems. 

Cleaning the cap will extend its life and ensure the proper chemical content of the water. All mechanical devices require some level of regular maintenance and therefore; Most products can be used for years without even paying the initial investment.