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Cyber Security – A Costly Threat to Businesses

In today's business world, organizations of all sizes must constantly monitor and protect all types of technology, including laptops, cell phones, computers, and tablets to ensure that company information is safe at work, at home, and on the go. 

In a climate of persistent threats, cybersecurity services in Las Vegas for managed IT security by NSA by protecting your cyberspace is no longer a necessity, it is a must. There are many companies in which cybercrime and cybersecurity threats are a lot. The hacker crime increase by 53%. 

49% of respondents have been victims of cybercrimes (cybercrimes including computer viruses, banking and personal information that are lost or stolen online, companies being hacked and jailed for ransom, identity theft, and breaking into critical infrastructures such as computer systems, power grids, or telephone service).

70% of cybercrime victims do not report the crime because they are not sure who to report to or are not sure that there will be justice. 86% of respondents said that cybercrime has become a problem.

95% of respondents believe that they are exposed to cybercrime (most respondents believe that the top threats are identity theft, financial fraud, and computer viruses).

Cybersecurity can be defined as follows:

Protects important and confidential information such as customer details bank details, and passwords from various forms of online attacks such as viruses, hacks, and spyware.