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Considering Creativity and Online Discussion Sites

Online discussions are pretty popular these days. Topic selections are broad already, and the ability to create topics you most want to see discussed is easy. So, I propose a discussion topic about creativity and online discussion sites. This crazy concept can lead to anything creative, including discussion topics involving comedy, as well as those tackling the topic of group creative writing.

If you want to get people to follow, and even participate in your social discussion, you have to be creative in both topics, and exchanges, to keep things interesting. One of the challenges is finding creative topics and compelling discussion participants. A never-ending stream of ideas is available on

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Newsfeeds bombard us with the typical issues, but in order to find even more creative inspiration, pay attention to the not-so-typical highlights. These might include "this month's most useless scientific innovation" or "creative storytelling through conceptual art." These are simply some suggestions based on my seemingly random newsfeed.

Keep it interesting

After all, these are discussions, and not necessarily debates to be had. Let yourself loose and think outside the box!. One of the greatest things about the world wide web is the sheer volume of creativity it enables. Use an online discussion website to help you brainstorm for a new writing project.

For example, if you hypothetically have five days to write eleven blog entries and need topic ideas, start a social discussion! One of my friends did this, with enormous success. By no means does this need to be a big discussion, but you would be amazed at the ideas that can be generated by your very own social network, wherever they may geographically be.