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Causes and Risk Factors For Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the second most diagnosed form of this terrible disease. Statistics from 2007-2012 show us that approximately 40,000 people are diagnosed each year, with little actual increase in numbers during this time period. You can get more information about lung cancer online at lung cancer genetic mutation testing.

For this purpose, the number of the causes and risk factors have been identified and widely proven to be a major cause of lung cancer. In this article, we will identify and discuss the various factors that contribute to the numbers of relatively high lung cancer diagnoses.

Cancer risk factors are certain things that have been associated with lung cancer rates in the world.  For example, smoking tobacco has for a long time credited with being the number one risk factor associated with lung cancer. This has largely occurred globally and many countries have taken steps to reduce this risk.

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Unfortunately for the male, this type of cancer is always more common in males. This is probably down to a larger portion of the population into male smokers, but not always necessarily the case. 

People who have never smoked can develop lung cancer, when this figure stood at around 15% of diagnosed cases is associated with non-smokers, which is why there are various risk factors that you should consider. 

This is inevitably true that the more you smoke, the greater your chance of developing the disease, but if someone decides to quit smoking, then the likelihood of developing this disease is greatly reduced within a relatively short time.