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Basic Things About Refrigerated Air Dryers

Compressed air dryers are indispensable in many industrial plants where dry compressed air must be supplied regularly. These dryers are very important in industrial operations because the presence of moisture in industrial air can damage pneumatic systems, freeze piping, increase corrosion of metal parts, and much more.

A wide variety of air dryers are available in the market today. You can also look for the refrigerated air dryers through various online sites.

Compressed Air Dryer

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Knowing the different types of air dryers and how they work can help you select the ideal compressed air dryer for your specific application.

A compressed air dryer is a device for separating moisture from industrial process air. In a typical system, the compressor attracts and compresses moist air, which increases the air temperature and then cools the moisture condensed from the device.

However, there are other ways to break up. The main types of air dryers include refrigerators, dryers, and membrane air dryers.

The functional principle of the air-cooled dryer

Refrigerator air dryers are one of the most commonly used types in industrial applications due to their ease of maintenance and relative cost-effectiveness. They are suitable for air-drying without special requirements as a minimum dew point.

The principle of operation of a chilled air dryer is based on dehumidification of the air through rapid cooling, condensation, and drying of moisture. The operation is similar to a household refrigerator or household air conditioner.