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All About Sleep Apnea Treatment

In Greek, Sleep apnea means "without breathing". It is a sleep disorder that causes the sufferers to stop breathing for as long as a minute every night. Sleep apnea symptoms include loud snoring and sudden awakenings with shortness or no breath. 

This disorder can lead to serious hypertension or cardiovascular disease. Getting the best sleep apnea treatment is essential. There are three types of sleep apnea: central, obstructive and mixed. The treatment of sleep apnea varies depending on the type, severity, and medical history.

Sleep Apnea and COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions

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Treatments for sleep apnea include lifestyle changes, oral devices, and surgery. One type of treatment might not be effective, so it is necessary to use a combination of different sleep apnea treatments.

A patient starts this treatment by changing their lifestyle to avoid alcohol and limit the use of sedatives and muscle relaxants that relax the central nervous systems. They also need to lose weight and/or stop smoking.

A special pillow or device that prevents the patient from falling asleep on their back can be used to treat sleep apnea. An oral device that opens the airway during sleep is also included. 

One of the most invasive treatments for sleep apnea is surgery. Several procedures exist. Surgeons are able to remove and tighten tissues and open the airway. The success rate for surgical procedures is low. Prescription medications are an alternative treatment. However, they are not as successful as surgery.