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A Brief Introduction to 18650 Battery

The reasons to go for this!

The added form of security comes in a variety of ways. The cell is equipped with a chip. This chip controls the aw18650 batteries and keeps the charging limit under control. This chip ensures that the battery charges only what is necessary.

The high-end lithium batteries limit can be exceeded and the chemical equilibrium within the battery could be upset, leading to an explosion. The cell will explode if it isn't fully charged. Incomplete charging can cause the cell to lose its equilibrium. It can't be used again because it becomes unstable. Once the potential of the cell has been exhausted, the chip closes the cell automatically.

rechargeable 18650 battery

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Technical Specifications

Protection at a higher level

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

It is unique and trendy.

It is produced under the laws ISO 9001-2000, which gives it higher quality assurance.

It can power any device that requires a maximum of 3.7 v power

Extra Features

The PCB protective layer on this aw battery ensures it is extremely safe to use. To recharge the battery, you will need to use the charger that is specifically designed for it. The button top is one of the main selling points. It can be used with many different devices because of its button top.

These cells cannot be used in packs or groups. These cells cannot be used to make packs. These cells can work together and cause damage to PCB protection.