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3 Indoor Roller Blinds That Will Transform Your Home

Home transformation projects can be a daunting task with many options available, each with its own price tag. Roller blinds are a cost-effective manner in which you can transform your home with the least amount of effort whilst reaping the maximum rewards. One of the reasons you would want to consider transforming your home with blinds is so that you can enjoy it more.

image of a home with roller blinds

Three roller blinds can help you achieve this. 

Blackout, hexagonal, and sheer roller blinds. 

Blackout blinds are priced at about $120 per window whilst honeycomb blinds start at around $250 per window. Sheer blinds are the cheapest and start from $85 per window. Prices will range from supplier to supplier, as well as based on the length and width of the window.

Each of these roller blinds can uniquely enhance your home. 

Honeycomb blinds increase window insulation which can prevent heat in summer but can increase warmth in winter. These directly translate to more enjoyable indoor temperatures without the need for excessive heating or cooling.

Sheer roller blinds allow you to control the privacy in your home whilst enabling maximum light through a window. These are great for rooms that would normally be unusable due to public/outdoor viewers. Rooms for consideration would be bathrooms or front leisure rooms.

Blackout blinds are great for light control. This lets you keep rooms dark for heat control, or can be beneficial in bedrooms or TV rooms.

What you can see from each of these blinds is they contribute to enhancing your home in their way, including temperature, light and privacy control.